Tinispace is a travel and lifestyle blog that is designed to inspire others to design the life they want to live. It’s a long-term learning project for shifting perspective, making goals, and reaching those goals.

My name’s Justine, and I started this blog the moment I shifted perspective and started living my life the way that made me feel more joyful in my day-to-day. Happiness is relative, and many people think that living happily is a privilege. I think living easily and comfortably is a privilege, but living joyfully isn’t. I think that people can be realist and positive at the same time, and it just involves a little shift in perspective.

I hope my journey can also lead you to begin your own journey.



What is Cost Breakdown in the travel posts?

I used to wonder to myself, “How the heck do all these friends of mine afford to travel?” And while it does take hard work and saving, I’ve found that it’s easier and not as expensive to travel as one might think, especially if going to a more budget friendly area, or if traveling during the off-seasons.

My hope is to help inspire others to travel, but I know that it is also important to budget and have the right expectations when it comes to expenses. Although my experiences are by no means the same as everyone else’s, my intention is to help others have at least an idea of what they might be spending if they visit the same destinations as me, but it’sĀ only a tentative ball park.

Most of my travel is going to be with my husband, but I break the costs down per person for plane tickets, food, and attractions/activities (keep in mind, the last can be subtracted if you’re not the type to pay for excursions or extra entertainment).

I don’t divide the accommodation and transportation costs because those will generally stay the same if you’re traveling alone, the difference being negligible for ballpark costs. I also don’t include what I spend on souvenirs, because shopping spending is it’s own little spectrum, and only you know what type of shopper you are šŸ˜‰

How come your travel posts aren’t more informative?

Travel blogging comes in many forms, and my hope is to start making better guides and informative articles about places I’ve visited eventually. However, I can’t do that with places I’ve only visited once or twice! The best I can do is to give my first impressions and share tips I’ve had to learn the hard way. Some of my posts are more experiential because all I can really share is my own experiences. Everyone is different, and what I like may not be what you like. I’ve tried my best to include places I’ve seen, eaten at, or slept in, and it’s up to you whether or not those sound worth it for your own trip.

I do have a side project, though, that I’m working on. Stay tuned for #the411 series, where you’ll be able to find more informational posts about destinations, and less experiential. Feel free to reach out if you’d also like to collaborate or contribute!